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Variety Of BSODs Randomly And Inconsistent Boot On New Build


If errors still occur I'd have to say that one of your RAM sticks is most likely suspect.These errors all seem unrelated except possibly for the DirectX and video driver errors. Checked msconfig for possible programs conflicting.(none to start up after format anyways.)Power saving settings are always set to gaming mode. Refer to www.asus.com for the AM3/AM2+ CPU models.*Due to OS limitation, when installing total memory of 4GB capacity or more, Windows® 32-bit operation system may only recognize less than 3GB. Did you try testing your RAM by running one module at a time? his comment is here

The machine came with:Asus M4A78L-M Mobo (64 bit)2 GB (1 x 1) installed DDR2 RAMPowerColor ATI 5670 graphics cardAMD Phenom II 955 black Quad Core CPUNo HDDI replaced the failing PSU kittu48052 years ago Hi i have problem with my pc. Excessive heat in your machine can cause a variety of problems. thenafter I inserted the new RAM again and it showed the same symptoms.

Bsod Different Message Every Time

Here are the details:BSOD error messages:- BAD_POOL_HEADER- SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION- IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL- PFN_LIST_CORRUPTI have suspected faulty RAM, and the GPU possibly overheating, but memtest ran through 6 passes with zero errors, and furmark got Make absolutely sure your BIOS is up to date, this error can sometimes be fixed with BIOS updates. This would keep occurring whenever I tried again.However, I noticed that if I leave my laptop on but idle with no programs running, nothing will happen and everything seems normal.I then The card is a 6770 in a Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe.

  • Ask !
  • I recently took my PC to a computer tech guy I know.
  • Google for some tips about speeding up your computer.
  • I checked the minidump files and I also get the hal.dll file as responsible.
  • is this a big issue of concern?
  • You can find them in c:\windows\minidump.
  • If so you might want to try to put it back onto your main hdd if you unplug the HDD's that you don't need attached for this test.
  • any lesser than that my render your game unstable''but i have 4Gb n ram and i have 1 online game installed on my drive C ..
  • Mike Miller5 weeks ago Thank you for writing such a detailed article explaining many different things, its obvious that you not just know these things but understand them, and as a

I am able to work the computer for 1 -2 hours or so normally but after that it keeps giving me problems. Or there is any chance of solving of this problem. Let me know how it works out.Now I gotta see if anyone's posted about hotmail's apparent GIANT SNAFU...Paul eggsodusOct 7, 2011, 4:10 AM Sigh. Windows 10 Blue Screen Of Death Your first note said that you had 8Gb.

Sometimes I get the blue screen you are talking about. Always said waiting for a background program. In kind regards, Syd. Make sure you have a good anti-virus program and run scans on a regular basis.

Earlier it kept giving me BSOD and the computer was getting slow and kept hanging when i played any game. Blue Screen Of Death Fix My setup is a new one running on W10 too. I'm not sure if this is the issue in your case but your PS information is always a good thing to know - but that's because I am in the camp You might not find a problem when it's just trickling, because there's enough back pressure to get that little bit of water out continuously, but when you open it up, things

Blue Screen Error Windows 10

You can google how to do it, include your computer model. A good way to solve this issue is to take out the memory module and rub the golden rim with a clean eraser (yep, the same eraser you use at schools). Bsod Different Message Every Time Then it started to have the events. Bsod Error Codes If errors still occur I'd have to say that one of your RAM sticks is most likely suspect.These errors all seem unrelated except possibly for the DirectX and video driver errors.

Too much of a voltage drop too quickly, and things burn up. http://mozrc.com/blue-screen/many-bsods.php If you have had your laptop for more than a year I would clean it, or take it somewhere to have them clean it. It also lends credence to disabling Turbo helping. You COULD try updating your MB's BIOS - there's always some risk w/doing that as you never know if doing so will create new problems, so I'd leave that as a Memtest86

My power supply is Fractal Design Newton R2 1000W - bought it this summer.2. You might try turning off all energy saving options and see if the problem still occurs. I'm crawling up the walls!I built a brand new PC 4 days ago, booted the system up, installed Windows 10 Pro and it went all good, up until the point the http://mozrc.com/blue-screen/multiple-various-bsod-s-on-new-build.php solved Numerous and inconsistent BSOD errors More resources See also solved Multiple random BSOD's on boot Windows 10 - BSOD's on startup and randomly throughout session BSOD's on startup and randomly

One thing I'd also like to add, that the only change I can think of lately that could possibly have something to do with these errors, is that I disabled the Windows 10 Stop Code Now I have 2 Hard drives & I am using both of them but installed Windows 7 in my new hard drive. Have you checked the power saving settings?

Authorentreri283 years ago from Joplin, MOGabriel,It is very odd that your computer only restarts during idle times.

Knowing a "little" bit and being and idiot I said I would try. solved Computer crashes with different errors every time, and no minidump -- help! Remember, if you decide to roll back, you'll get back to build 14926. Chkdsk drprasad19 months ago Very good article & is very useful Caro17 months ago My cpu gives out 2 beeps after start up.

Dereje Gerba3 years ago It is very nice Thanks in Advance for your Notes vignesh3 years ago my pc restart automatically as run time what is the problem pls help me I checked the CPU temperature by going into the BIOS straight after the crashes and the CPU temp was around 45-50. If all the memory modules appear bad, then the problem is likely with the memory slot itself. check over here Sometimes fan controller are wired at the end of the circuit, so it takes a second for all the power to condition through the board before the get enough voltage to

But still the same. QUESTION: in your last note you said that you had 2x2Gb modules - did you mean 2x4? DogsnakeJul 12, 2013, 10:06 PM Have you tried using msconfig in a selective start up mode? I learnt something about ram today.

That being the case, you might consider replacing the memory in a computer that is experiencing a stubborn blue screen error. I'll try to switch out the mobo as you suggested. The RAMs seems to be loose. If the error is inconsistent, the problem is likely to be hardware related. 2: Check your computer's event logs It's also a good idea to check your computer's event logs.

I've attached a new minidump here. Related Resources Getting BSOD screens with different error messages after every start-up in Windows 8.1 solved BSOD on Startup, Different Error Message Every Time BSOD screens with different error messages after PC has MSI . Emma3 years ago Windows Memory Diagnostic says my computer has a memory problem.

Carla Mae Tucz2 years ago yes sir..http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s362/Carlachad... I think you need to contact the manufacturer, especially if it is still under warranty.ud1093, the 1333/1600 Mhz is the RAM speed. I've worked on a few dead machines (wouldn't even POST) - when this happens I strip it down to power supply, MB & CPU only - power it up to see I have also ran memtest only with all the modules attached.

I have in fact overclocked nothing (even though I have the typical components for it). If your computer is very dusty you may want to do this outdoors.It sounds like your RAM is working if it shows in BIOS and memtest. I took them out and replace. A couple of times the computer also just froze, without any BSOD.

However when I disabled my NVidia graphics card , the screen would freeze and turn white, does not mean something more sinister? And i don't know if my #'s is correct..