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bsod after attempting activate vmware

BSOD after unplugging power cable by mistake while playing Css.

BSOD after enabling Verifier.exe making debug difficult

BSOD after changing Spotify settings - ATK Hotkey ElanTPCfg64.exe

BSOD after lightning strike and during uninstallation

BSOD after cold start.

BSOD after fresh install of windows 7 x54 (IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)

BSOD after recent Logitech/Sidewinder X4 installs

BSOD after fresh install of Windows 7 (while playing Battlefield 3)

BSOD after fresh Windows 7 Installation - CDD.DLL

BSOD after reboot because Norton wasn't working

BSOD after selecting Hibernate in Windows 8 Pro x64

BSOD after a few minutes (5 to 55 minutes) with Samsung SSD 840 EVO

BSOD After playing H1Z1 for 30 minutes with new computer

BSOD after clicking dubious video link

BSOD after closing iTunes error 0x0000007e

BSOD after installing new AMD Driver ? Problem with atikmdag.sys

BSOD after video cable from monitor disconnects

BSOD after clean Win7 installation on new SSD Kingston

BSOD after apparently fixing it.

BSOD after latest Windows7 update - appears tied to MS 5000 keyboard

BSOD after Update SP1

BSOD after press alt+f4 0x0000003b ntoskrnl.exe win32k.sys

BSOD after installing COD4 remastered. atikmpag.sys

BSOD after new USB headset.

BSOD after sleep mode (driver_power_state_failure / ntkrnlpa.exe)

BSOD after updating Flash x64

BSOD after install and playing Mad Max

Bsod after a couple hour of use -several blue screens

BSOD after chipset driver

BSoD after a few hours of leaving computer on (seemingly random)

BSOD After Playing L4D2

BSOD after reinstalling chrome System_service_exception

BSOD after prolonged shutdowns

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