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BSOD when installing drivers for logitech c910 webcam

BSOD When PC Asleep - DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE -ntoskrnl.exe+7efc0

BSOD when laptop lid is closed

BSOD when left kaspersky scanning the whole computer

BSOD when close game

BSOD when watching bluray

BSOD when running any virus scan

BSOD when inserting a USB pen drive

BSOD when running memory intensive apps

BSOD When playing Assassins creed Brotherhood

BSOD when computer goes to sleep mode - 0x0000000a

BSOD when lid of laptop is closed and idle

BSOD when starting up 0x000000016 boot logging in circles

BSOD when playing all videos

BSOD when just idle error 0x000000d1

BSOD when connecting to Cisco VPN

BSOD when streaming to Roku 2 - ntoskrnl and tcpip.sys

BSOD when playing games/using heavy CFD stuff

BSOD When exiting games inconsistently + Random BSOD consistently

BSOD when browsing internet using Google Chrome [Minidumps included]

BSOD when saving file

BSOD When overclocking 1055t Cpu to 3.5ghz.

BSOD when playing LOTRO

BSOD when browsing Internet

BSOD when inserting USB Stick/Kindle

BSOD when I close the game.

BSOD when playing Bioshock 2. Bug check code 0x00000101

Bsod When installing Starcraft II and when transtering files to HD

BSOD when doing anything involving graphics card

BSOD when booting from Hibernate ks.sys and HDAudio.sys

BSOD when Open Broadcast Software Hangs if Webcam plugged in to USB

BSOD when idle with RC

BSOD when playing CS:GO & Diablo 3

BSOD when opening browser

BSOD when playing games and browsing internet

BSOD when transferring files from memory cards or external hard drives

BSOD when disconnecting any USB device

BSOD when using internet with Ethernet cable

BSOD when playing Final Fantasy XI (online)

BSOD when doing nothing (idle)

BSOD when opening Thunderbird - IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

BSOD when playing BF3

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