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Programs in Windows 7 Hang (Not Responding) after Keyboard Input

Youtube causes laptop to crash

System freezes

Desktop Frozen but Active

Got a RAM. Windows just freezes on boot.

PC Freezes Only On Youtube

Random crashes with NV53 Gateway laptop - Loud noise

drive not responding after hours of inactivity

Computer freezes with occasional BSOD while gaming (most of the times)

freeze problem

Progams freeze

Windows freeze

Hangs after wakeup from sleep

Random BSOD during work and idle. Days apart.

System hangs after boot

startup hangup

computer crashes when left on standby ?

Computer is freezing.

Sound Freezing Often Causes BSOD During Games

Computer doesnt respond and locks up

Computer Freezes randomly. I cant find the issue.

New PC freezes after a while for 5 seconds

Buzzing/System freeze when downloading

IE 8 lost all cookies when comp froze

Computer freezes randomly while surfing the web(never while gaming)?

BSOD Possibly After Connecting hdmi to TV/Happened While Browsing Net

Computer freezes up at random

Computer crashes during certain games. Need help making sense of logs.

My win 7 freezes then self restarts

PC Crashing while loading windows

Computer constantly freezes.

Computer Randomly Freezes at times

Random Restart and Hang

Browser freeze while watching streamed videos online

Windows freezes every few minutes

Freezing; How do i repair?

freeze when connect to the internet

W764b - Completely random freezes

Hibernation stopped working after prog install & PC freeze

Freezing and Buzzing from monitor during gaming.

Computer is randomly freezing

Random Freezing While watching youtube or anything

Computer Frozen in Mornings

BSOD and Freezing - HELP!

mouse freezes for 20 sec and sometimes crashes computer

System Freeze/Crash when viewing streaming videos online

Random BSOD more prominent when under load with buzzing sound

Random System Freeze

System hangs "randomly"

Upgrade to Windows 7 now Crashing on Sleep

Desktop PC Freezing Error - Comp Freezes

How can I tell what causes a freeze on my pc?

Computer Freezing up at Windows Splash Screen before login .

PC freezes after start up

Windows 7 hangs after startup and can't wake up after sleep

Screen saver doesn't turn on after explorer crashes

Computer freezes after loading CLASSPNP.sys

Heavy network activity crashes and locks up my PC

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