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W764b - Completely Random Freezes


ubercakeMar 13, 2011, 8:38 PM One thing that can cause shorts from the BIOS setup is if you have your front-panel audio set to HD when it should be set to See if it can stay on for a few days straight without freezing. I found the answer! Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: Steam.exe Application Version: 1.0.1065.11 Application Timestamp: 4d9b89de Hang Signature: 9251 Hang Type: 0 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: click site

Join us now! ! Google Grupları Tartışma Forumları'nı kullanmak için lütfen tarayıcı ayarlarınızda JavaScript'i etkinleştirin ve sonra bu sayfayı yenileyin. . http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2079549 vBulletin v3.8.7, Copyright ©2000-2017, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. I also keep V-sync turned on with my Asus VG248's so I'm pretty much capped at 144 FPS as the refresh rate is 144Hz on these. you can try this out

Computer Freezes Randomly Windows 10

Shorts jumped higher on my list of things to check because I've had quite a few problems with them... sometimes I can go hours no lockups then once it locks up. I really think it is the card, but can't hurt to double check. -J #24 Jump to: Jump to - - - - - - - - - - [EVGA Graphics i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780,one t hdd and two 500 g ssd cards,Intel(R) C600/X79 series chipset,28GB of ram.

We've put up with a lot of crap over the last couple years, but I always said that once this game becomes unplayable I will go. Cosmos S1000 / EVGA P55 FTW / i7 860 / 8GB Dominator GT 2000MHz C8 / Sapphire HD5870 / Intel X25M SSD + 2x WD Velociraptor / Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W Leitfaden Geschichte Allianzkrieg Allianzen Kargstein The Imperial City Orsinium Medien Videos Concept Arts Screenshots Wallpapers Malukah Neuigkeiten Ankündigungen Kunst / Medien Patchnotizen Community-Programme Entwicklung Presse / Buzz Auszeichnungen Sozial Facebook Google+ Computer Randomly Freezes When Playing Games ubercake said: One thing that can cause shorts from the BIOS setup is if you have your front-panel audio set to HD when it should be set to AC'97.

Follow @teamevga Back to Mobile Log in Sign up Multiplayer Campaign Leaderboards Buy Battlefield 4 Forums News Premium Server Browser Favorites History Missions Community Missions Find or Create Platoon Forum Choose 'Restart now...' or 'Check for problems...' as appropriate and let it run the check against your memory. If you have a multimeter (voltmeter) you can do the paperclip trick and test all the pins to make sure you're getting consistent voltages.Refer here to what I did/ended up being This happens only with ESO, can play WoT, WoW, Diablo, GW2, SWTOR with no DC, I have no exceptions in my firewall settings, and this happens ony desktop with W10 64b

I get into the game. 2 seconds later, I am back at the Login Screen. Computer Freezes Randomly For A Few Seconds I don't know if it has to do with the Aero GUI in Windows, or what. something about the p55 chip having the pci controller on the cpu can cause issues with 64b windows. The Beta 5 drivers and hotfix drivers 2. (2) powersupply Corsair Hx1000 and PPC 1200watt 3.

Computer Freezes Randomly Windows 7

Haven't tried installing to a custom location yet, though. here bukowskaiiMar 7, 2011, 10:27 AM triplej said: I would try swapping the RAM with another set, one on your motherboards recommended RAM list if possible. Computer Freezes Randomly Windows 10 This really racked my brain and I couldn't figure it out. Pc Freezes Windows 10 It can happen because of PCIe configuration issues (Bios), because of IRQ sharing issues, or because of physical contact issues (card is not well plugged into the slot for example, stuffs

Edited by oldrich.nesvadbaeb17_ESO on 1. get redirected here Honestly i haven't done much to solve the problem. Can't say now I would ever subscribe or purchase content from these bunch of incompetents. Then it all locks up and goes to turds. Computer Freezes Randomly Windows 8

  1. I've got several hundred dollars worth of games just SITTING there, unable to be played because they're tied to this p.o.s.
  2. mary221Mar 13, 2011, 2:23 PM Virus infection is excluded.Only 2 posibilities are to be considered: 1) RAM issues ( check if there is not dust in the memory slot - remove
  3. I don't get any type of error message whatsoever, which made it hard for me to look for a solution.

For a few days I've been playing in Wrothgar without constant crashes. removing the MSI Afterburner was a solution... You're a fine example of how gamer communities have become infested with endlessly whining and bitching, arrogant, opinionated, unreasonable, all the way immature, completely delusional, tendentially psychotic, insulting individuals one really navigate to this website I'm absolutely convinced it has something to do with the latest version of Steam and it's glitzy interface.

If I try to click anywhere on the Steam interface while it's running, the app crashes giving me that AppHangB1 error as the reason in the crash report. Computer Freezes Randomly With Loud Buzzing Sound it seems to be fixed now after this fresh installation. If that doesn't work, I would try swapping the video card.

Previously I owned a Asus P7P55D Deluxe with a GTX285 graphic card.

when before the TG patch everything was hunky-dorie... I trieda previous version, the Beta 5 version, but still same issue. I have a system freeze/crash/lock... Computer Freezes Randomly Mouse Still Moves Ctr +alt+delete doesnt work.

I rarely crash but still do, far less than a couple weeks ago. FIX YOUR DAMN GAME. The game is not crashing. http://mozrc.com/computer-freezes/pc-freezes-only-on-youtube.php three accts (mine, the one I subscribe for my brother and another my niece plays on...)...

Reboot with reset hardware switch and... Textures: I see some weird stuff man, like Timothy Leary weird. But I got so disgusted with having to go through that kind of b.s. triplejMar 7, 2011, 10:10 AM I would try swapping the RAM with another set, one on your motherboards recommended RAM list if possible.

So I repeated the process, re-loaded the same 1 week old image. If it were me, as I said I'd unsuscribe. handoko_tan101 Enlisted: 2013-03-15 2013-11-16 14:18 OS: Win 8.1 Pro x64 GPU: Radeon R9 280 3GB CPU: [email protected] OC Drivers: Catalyst 13.11 beta 9.2 All Ultra AA MSAA 2X @mostly 60-100 (1080p).