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brand new external drive not showing up (not even in disk management!)

USB Volume isn't being read by Windows properly

dvd drive not showing after windows 7 installed

Cd/dvd rom drive missing in device manager and my computer

DVD/CD drive not showing on Computer nor Disk Management

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Problem with DVD-ROM

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8Gb Flash stick not seen. help!

dvd drive not shown in Disk Management

Windows only sees part of external USB drive.

External Hard Drive Not Recognised Following Windows Update

New build isn't reading from USB drive

W-7 Ultimate not recognizing the MS system disc it was loaded from

BD-ROM Drive not being checked at boot-up!

CD-DVD rw will not auto run (register seems corrupt)

CD/DVD drive not showing up

cd/dvd player not detecting cd or dvd

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Windows 7 to be sold on USB drives ?

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Why my DVD/CD-ROM is not working

BD-RE Drive Not Reading Discs

Drive not seen in Computer

Usb drive doesnt appear in My Computer?

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PC not recognizes any USB pendrive

Is my HD toast? Windows is having trouble recognizing it.

DVD Drive not found or working.

dvd not recognize

Windows 7 doesn't recognize my external HDD

Unable to find CD Rom in windows 7

CD Rom not working properly

External drive not working after format

Win 7 sees 2 optical drives (E: & F:) where there is only one

Windows does not detect any external media.

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