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HDD Seagate 500gb Is This Still Alive?


I see. funklord This is not because flash is "new". And your statement that flash will "eventually" become a competitor to HDDs is wrong. Even after over 4 years of use, the ones we still have are going strong.

If not, sign up today and get: Free 3-day-or-less shipping on eligible items, discounts on 2- or 1-day delivery Free shipping on returns using labels available on our website No re-stocking All rights reserved. I believe this maximum span of 4 years, is for the hard-drives that spin continuously 24×7 for all 356 days.. funklord You may be happy to know that with modern filesystems like btrfs the choice will be much easier. his comment is here

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You risk static as well as accidentally dropping something in on the motherboard. Basically perfect hard drive conditions. DVD-RAM was good, but the media too expensive. So all this statistics depend on actual level of drives usage.

Awesome. chojin999 You should get an LTO-6 SAS tape drive, a good SAS controller and make 3 LTO-6 copies of all your files. This suckle is not based on science, and the author contradicts himself. Seagate Hard Disk 1tb Sure, HDDs are great for backup or other very large storage requirements, but for general use, SSDs have already proven themselves to be fast and reliable.

not good. Seagate Customer Care On my high spec rig I only felt that an improvement on overall Windows multitasking and game(&stage) loading times. If you think that it's a dead medium then you are delusional. http://www.seagate.com/products/laptop-mobile-storage/laptop-external-drives/ However, even with so-called "primitive" operating systems, SSDs are faster than HDs and the end user doesn't care about over-provisioning.

Fact is, you usually don't know the amount of overprovisioning in an SSD, nor do you know the amount of bad blocks at the time of purchase. Seagate External Hard Disk Also what advertisement ("But hey, people like you buy products after being exposed to it's advertisement")? This article (this statistically flawed pseudoscience report) is opinion and not fact. I just need to buy a 1 TB external drive in around $75.

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This needs fixing before any machine will recognised the drive. https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Desktop-7200RPM-Internal-ST3500641AS-RK/dp/B000EY5F5C Month by month, how many of the drives are still alive? Seagate Hard Disk Warranty How pathetic. Seagate External Hard Drive 500gb Thank you for subscribing Your request will be processed within the next 24 hours.

silly to a fault. When a drive has a problem, but doesn’t fail completely, it still creates work. And your argument that this report is better than no report is fundamentally flawed. I use three identical drives and have now updated the firmware for the remaining two. Seagate India

So, far the total is approx. 46,500 hours. For these, our current favorite is the Seagate Desktop HDD.15 (ST4000DM000). All you have done, in nearly every paragraph of every post, is attack and slander. Ilham Rusyd bro, it was sarcasm =) raveur bro, it was trolling Daniel Tipton bro, it was bro Bro hi Viliami Tuanaki bro aevog bruh Lukas My HDD's 70mB/s write speeds

Google published a report back in Feb of 2007. Seagate Backup Plus I have personally not had many issues with this brand as I build and repair computers all the time. 5 out of 5 found this review helpful. 5 Easy to install I have one of each. 120GB Samsung and 240GB Intel.

I ran across this do-it-yourself fix but I'm not that technical.

  • BF 4, farcry 4, leage of leagends.
  • They have been rock solid, and have had a remarkably low failure rate.
  • And the reliability is there, provided you buy a decent brand.
  • Please try again Report abuse 1.0 out of 5 starsGood while it works By dgatwood on May 30, 2008Style Name: HDDSize: 500GB Head crash at nine months.

Maximizes Storage Densities Desktop HDD, 1TB-per-disk technology incorporates 340,000 unique tracks in the width of a single inch. Samsung mechanical drives seem to be above average for reliability also. Part # ST3500641AS Please leave feedback to let us know how we did so we can improve if needed.. Best External Hard Drive these are lowest cost per GB/TB consumer class drives used in server type environments(dense packing with higher heat and vibration, and used on SATA HBA's via Expanders which means no power

I just looked up prices for a good LTO6 Tape drive and I'm seeing $10,000!! Kick! No matter your budget, knowledge level or reason for upgrading, we’ve got the solution you need.Upgrade your PS4's hard drive without losing any data1. Conclusion: very disappointed and worried that drive developed this issue in the first place but first class Seagate service thereafter.

KieSeyHow I use Toshiba for the mechanical drives, and Intel for the SSDs. That way if I lose the SSD I can get another one at a moment's notice, install it, restore the Macrium Reflect image, and I'm back up and running in less Seagate, recall this piece of junk. 2 Comments 35 people found this helpful. Robert This really only applies to servers, as most computers are not running 24/7.

Except maybe spintronics, but that may just be because we don't understand it well enough yet. Do you suffer from amnesia, or are your cognitive functions crowed by your delusion? Oops, Mb, so slash that by 8. Anyhow, the cost per memory cell for MRAM is one of the highest for any memory type.

I've actually wondered about using flash drives for archival purposes, only writing data once.