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Quick grinding sound coming out of HDD followed by a freeze

can i give away my old copy of vista

Hard drives and booting.

I used TestDisc - now laptop won't boot

used sysprep to retain my HDD in a new install and now I am screwed!

Hard Drive Clicking?

10+ year old HDD

why partition?

External 1TB WD Hardrive stopped working (unallocated

Disk Management constantly crashes

New hard drive

Suggestions For Using An Extra SSD (or two)

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share an USB sticker on a network router

My Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB Portable HDD not working

Where to buy a flash hard drive anyone

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Opinions please for HDD connections to mobo

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New drive

hard drive setup

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Laptop HDD

Securely wipping a hard drive

Is more free space in win. installed drive incr speed

Help! Can't format a RAW HDD

Switching Hard Drives

System Unbootable

Hard Drive Diagnostic Tool For Toshiba

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Newbie here looking to format my PC's hard drive.

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Rattley Harddrive

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USB Hard Drive Slows Computer to a Crawl

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Need help trying to dual boot win7 /win8 separate HHD's

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windows 7 hard drive is denying permissions to every folder

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Upgrade Boot Disk

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formatting a different partition

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0xE0000100 How do I 'completely wipe entire hard disk'

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Hard Drive Recommendations?

Question about reformatting

Won't boot with 2nd HDD plugged in

second hard drive for my compaq presario sr1630nx

hard drives

Windows Explorer Doesn't see my 2nd PC?! Help!

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HHD SMART reports

Hard drive disappears

What NAS/External backup drive?

What is eating my C/ drive space?

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Freecom 400Gb USB external HDD

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How to install a new SATA 6 HD under Windows 7

Safely remove system drive while computer is on?

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Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit partition.

Computer reporting more data on C drive than actual

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Help with hard drive restore

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No Hurry: Windows creates folder(s) on portable hdd

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Which disk checker tool/program to use?

Hard Drive Utility

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Compatible 500GB HDD for Toshiba laptop

Sporadic hard drive intensely busy

external drive HELP need please

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A Good 2Tb HDD

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Files on HDD without laptop working

Is my hard drive dying?

Hard Drive Capacity Meter Color Change

The Truth About Hard Drive RPM (Rotations Per Minute)

File format changed into other format after format a hard drive

Usb Hard drives will not work

How To Make new hdd that you just bought as primary bootable

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Firewire Hard Drive

unable to access shared folders on external hdd

Can I move eSATA Drive into case without reformatting the drive?

Complete copy of hard drive?

Windows 7 stops detecting 2nd hard drive

Installed Windows 7 and I lost about 350GB hard disk space.

How do i Splitting a 2tb HDD into 3 drives.

Laptop win64bit ultimate 2nd hard drive wont show

How to restore hard drive completely?

Raw Data hard drive lockup

Click 'Next' after partitioning or Format also?

Cant browse WD elements external hdd

Ext Hard Disk doesn't boot but is partially seen

How to clone a drive - When win images will not work?

Nothing on my C: Drive will delete

Computer won't recognize the HDD

Hard drive won't stop rattling

Recover unallocated win7 hard drive from Ubuntu

Won't boot if 2nd hard drive installed

Using SyncToy to Syncronize Three Drives

Help requested in selecting a hard drive enclosure(multiple drives)

2 Hard Drives

SSD Failed with windows on it how do I replace it with a new one

New External HDD Shows As SCSI in Dev. Mngr. IDE in BIOS

Seagate HDD doesnt show up in disk managment

How to reset an os on a external hard drive to factory settings?

back up files to a flash drive

Disk partitioning help!

USB HDD not found - freezes W7

ST3750640AS data transfer rate slow

320 GB Drive missing its 100 GB D: Partition

Drive says 120GB installed (Its wrong)

Restoring XP hard drive onto Windows 7

Help Installing second time

My Hard Drives Keep Disappearing

New Hardrive Setup files

recover files from HDD

Wrong SSD space remaining ?

Unbearably loud disk never stops reading.

Hard drive enclosure

Problem with security access to files on 2nd HD after installing windo

Back up 2 computers on 1 USB hard drive?

Just reformatted computer and now unable to view other computers

can't copy/backup to my external drives

Extra factory image on external hard drive

Swapping main hadrdisk? help!

1TB laptop HDD 7200 RPM

my HDD hang when I started to access it.

Unable to access personal files on old HD

Installing new hard drive.

Copying Upgrade Disk

Cloned OS disk to new

Space disappearing on data partition

Win7 constant access to on SAN

windows 7 lost hard drives

D SATA Hard Drive disappears after random amount of time.

iomega 1tb external hd wont install

3 R.A.M. questions + 1 Hard Drive question

driver for hitachi hdd

Partition and formatting and adding drives

can't access old hard drive files

2TB hard drive becomes inaccessible

External USB WD Passport Essential will not start

spins floppy disk (& possibly accessses other drives) every 60 minutes

Need to test Hard drive

Laptop's built in external hard drive suddenly disappears/unallocated.

What's the point of a partition?

1 TB WDC Black fails to wake from sleep

Slow performance only on one hard disk

Internal SATA WD 2tB on USB toaster with lots of data

My additional HDD's are going into some kind of sleep?

Disappearing Hard Drive

How do I encrypt my HDD? And also need more help.

HDD Light

Is the hard drive empty?

Shall I throw away this hard drive?

Updating my HDD

recovering data from docked HDD

Secondary Seagate Hard drive disappears after making spinning sound

Remove hard drive partition

Can't view drive properties -- strange

Copying Drive

Hard drive from one comp work in another comp like it did before?

HELP! Cannot see all drives

Two windows and HDD problems

Windows 7 Not Booting after Moving Hard Disk from Server to Desktop

Reformat External Hard Drive with Operating System

why Win7 always seems "busy"?

Automatically Sharing USB External HD or Flash Drive when plugged in

Loading Win7 on two separate HDD drives

Hard Drive Trouble

Second hard drive missing! help!

Maximum Hard Drive Size

Formatting and reformatting of HDDs

W7 sees 5TB HDD

Win7 and bios can't find drives

What Hard drive

Hard Drive Purchase Help

I have a Crashed HD and want to restore Win 7 to my new one.

Different partitions for OS

Macrium perhaps not what I'm looking for.or is it?

Transfer to new hard drive

HDD free space lost in Space.

External HDD Shows incorrect amount of free space?

How to configure a SATA to win 7 for data.

Disk Mgt problem: HD found in Win7-32x not found in Win7-64x

Format old OS hard drive

Ext. HDD. can't be detected on PC nor PS3

Dual-booting on separate hard drive w/out integrated loader

Swap hard drive on identical PCs and retain all programs

Migrating gard drive

HDD will not stay idle

Second hard drive - Windows stuck a boot

Disappearing HDD?

Secondary internal drive

What "Parks" the Hard Drive?

I can not access my external drive samsung s2

Hitachi Hard drive

500 gb HD 2 TB external Drive says not enough space

Problems formatting D-drive after newly installing Windows 7

backup internal/external

testing a hard drive (nas/usb)?

Is my external drive dead?

Seagate drive won't backup for reasons unknown.

External HD for backup

Drivers needed for new hard drive

Cannot access re-shared external hard drive

Easiest way to securely wipe hard drive and reformat laptop for resale

External HDD Not Working - Computer Recognizes but wants to Initialize


Hard to live without a HDD

New Hard Drive-Help?

iOmega External Hard Drive Not Appearing Anywhere

Post-cloning of OS hard drive Windows Genuine nag screen issue

Encrypting hdd

Migrating to a bigger hard drive

partition in hard disk

How to View 32bit Hard Drive on 64bit System?

Upgraded to Window7 - can't access my old xp drive

HDD in device manager

Help! I inadvertantly might have messed up my external hard drive

Hard Drive Questions

Losing Drive After Sleep Mode

Use existing HD in enclosure

System hard drive failure challenge

Changing Primary HD

windows 7 will not boot and/or login when adding hard drives

User Profile Issues with replacement hard drives

Connect wirelessly to router connected Hard drive

Differenciate between two drives

How can I make my Hard Drive clear?

New HDD Setup - Formatting Questions

Can't see secondary drive anymore

Freezing computer with corrupted C Drive leads to a deleted partition?

Is this a sign that my hard drive is dying?

Need Hdd helps

2TB Seagate Expansion light flashing but not recognised

2.0 TB Western Digital not in "My Computer"

Is It Best to Keep External Backup Hard Drive Powered Off

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