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Can I Add An "Administrator" Account?


Thanks for writing a good and concise article. PS, love the screen shots to answer questions for people who have criminally underestimated the power of reading comprehension. So is there another way to enable the administrator or to erase the password? On a computer not in a domain To create an administrator account on a Windows computer that is not a member of a domain, follow the appropriate steps below. http://mozrc.com/how-to/no-access-to-administrator-account.php

So I tried to create a new Administrator in single user mode, with rm /var/db/ .applesetupdone. plenty of things i need to do require the administrator pass. If that still doesn't work, just type in "reboot" (again, without quotes) and hit return. April 25, 2008 Ron If I do a "right" click and do "Run as" for the command prompt I am unable to enter a password!!

How To Create Administrator Account In Windows 10

Jeff Browning 01.29.2011 Don't worry, they'll still be there as long as you created the new account with a different name than the old account. Type the following command: net user administrator /active:no The administrator account will now be disabled, and shouldn't show up on the login screen anymore. April 30, 2009 astygmatyk It's certainly important to avoid typos..

  1. Preferably one that's been successfully tested on a Tiger 10.4.11.
  2. So in my opinion during start-up of the Mac it failed in using this account.
  3. now log out and log in again as root.
  4. Each Mac only needs one administrator account, but it might be a good idea to allow one or two other individuals to have administrative privileges.
  5. Enter a full name for the account.
  6. Type the name that you want to use for the account and click Next.

Again, if you'd prefer to recover the password of any current user on the computer, follow our other guide on cracking Mac passwords. Reply 1 Spiridon Pigkas 2 years ago excelent article help me with destroyed user account and as always the googling for resolving my problem has worked :) Reply 1 Sneaky Adolf i repeated the instructions to make sure i typed everything correctly, and it said the same thing. How To Create User Account In Windows 7 moe 07.25.2011 Reply THANKS A BUNCH, been using this work around for months and my macs still working great :) I just updated to Lion though and wanted to ask if

When I reboot, my password is not accepted. How To Create Administrator Account In Windows 7 Using Cmd For the firmware password, I'm going to direct you an Apple Support article: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1352 It's a pretty in-depth explanation and you'll be able to follow the instructions for your computer. But now the problem (which I can live with) is that when I open a word document and change anything - when I hit save it says "this file is read-only. James Pyne 04.05.2011 Reply Hello!

just log in with your normal user account and go to users and reset the default admin password…. How To Enable Administrator Account In Windows 7 Without Admin Rights Jeff Browning 06.08.2011 I'm glad that we were able to help you out! I then removed the admin rights for the user account i was logged in as (my sons). The administrator will have all access to the server including the ability to manage users, groups, and projects.

How To Create Administrator Account In Windows 7 Using Cmd

Schafer *** Dennis: "problem with QuickTime": . Get More Info Follow the steps for your operating system below: WindowsMac Windows Note: When you create a new administrator account, a separate Users folder is created so settings from another user account do How To Create Administrator Account In Windows 10 pleasantville 02.04.2012 is this jared thornton from nc but really from nj Hanna 02.10.2011 Reply i tried it and it worked..but the problem is i cannot create new account anymore..it says How To Create An Administrator Account On Mac im on a user account but wishing to get into the administrator.

The problems are exactly the same as before. have a peek at these guys Boot into Single-User Mode (hold CMD+S on startup, after the gray screen appears and before the Apple logo appears), mount the hard drive, then type "passwd" -- then, enter and confirm If you are in Windows 8.x or 10 you can right-click on the Start button and choose to open a command prompt that way. I am so glad I didn;t have to re-install/re-format my mac! How To Create A Local Account In Windows 10

Jeff Browning 03.10.2011 It turns out that we may be having some issues in 10.4.11, as a few people have mentioned it. Jeff Browning 08.16.2011 Technically, there is no difference the the commands. "shutdown -h now" simply tells the computer to shut down now. Jeff Browning 07.31.2011 Well, this guide is more intended for creating an administrator account when administrative access to System Preferences has been lost or is not available. check over here Even if YOUR account is not an admin. (My English is bad sorry) Reply Share Your Thoughts You Login to Comment Click to share your thoughts Hot Latest How To: Create

After rebooting and watching the video, my machine gets hung up. Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Without Logging In Jeff Browning 05.30.2011 Are you sure that you're trying to remove the .AppleSetupDone file? I still know my password, the problem is my username, I can't login in Alphabet because my username is in Japanese characters, now I can't go back to the login screen.

One with the optimized OS installation and second with all the major software that I'm using..

Worked like a champ, Unbelievable how simple!! It worked as normal until the part where it normally plays the "hello" messages - but when it got to there, instead it went to a grey loading screen. Louis January 3, 2009 Kirk M. Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 With Standard User Jeff Browning 05.30.2011 I recommend that you check out our guide, From Standard to Administrator (http://www.hackmac.org/hacks/from-standard-to-administrator/), if you want to keep the same account and not change any of your files.

Is it possible to double lock your computer? May 24, 2008 A zmi I have a question on how to install any software in my PC office without inform the administrator cause the window(2000)will ask me to run it izno 06.13.2011 Reply How do I undo this Jeff Browning 06.18.2011 You may be able to recreate the file in SUM or Terminal using the ‘touch' command, but otherwise, the startup http://mozrc.com/how-to/how-to-change-to-administrator-with-elevated-rights-for-all.php There are several accounts on the Mac, only his is the admin.

I get a screen that has a simple horizontal line, and a highlighted "go back" button. It shows my account and the guest account. I want to remove a password but theres only one account, therefore getting no access. Looked online and found a way to reset it - it worked although it's a little different than your instructions.

You might want to have your wireless network password on hand, which isn't required, but certainly helpful if you want to have access to the internet on a secured network right April 13, 2009 luke whenever i type the command in it comes up with accses denied. Hackeking 03.18.2012 Account hacking james 01.18.2011 Reply does this delete the old account? That said, Ed, Mukhtar, and other "more help" questions-please visit the forums-it's a better venue for additional concerns.

In Windows, special command instructions almost always exhibit a forward slash (/). (Aside: Linux/Unix utilities ported to Windows frequently use dashes "-", and you usually get to their help by typing I can open it normally and type the command and I get "Access Denied" (of course, 'cause I'm not running as an administrator lol). Hopefully that works! He abuses his use of the computer heavily to farm gold in MMOs all hours of the night, and when I set up his account to prevent this he just uses

whats the password or who do you get around it? If it's still hanging, it shouldn't be. May 12, 2009 Nick after i do all that.