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Is IE Really That Bad?


Reply 5th October 2011 Post #29 Van-man Gold Member August 2009 18,934 Posts J!NX posted: BTW opera on W7 is nice, but on the android, its utter crap and the the Reply 5th October 2011 Post #34 LuaChobo boy i sure do love it when my title doesnt fit December 2009 8,468 Posts Guys, I want that fucking lobster dinner. because I don't download and install every freaking add-on I come across! Learning how to debug senseless IE problems is one more skill that separates you from becoming a web developer or a do-it-yourself site admin, and the pain of testing for IE

This page may be out of date. IE tries to funnel you into using other inferior Microsoft offerings, like Bing, the Google clone that is IE's default search engine. It isn't as bad as it used to be. It was Microsoft's decision to ignore the need to keep up with web standards.Complaint #3It lacked great features, especially in comparison to other browsers. Unless you count the ridiculously wide variety of http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/32372/htg-explains-why-do-so-many-geeks-hate-internet-explorer/

What Is Wrong With Internet Explorer Today

The current versions of IE are actually very nice, especially when it comes to standards support. Source: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/lifecycle

November 12, 2014 CJ Hardy http://www.netmarketshare.com/browser-market-share.aspx?qprid=2&qpcustomd=0 And STILL, after "x" years of almost every geek everywhere patiently (or not-so-patiently) explaining why NOT to use I.E.... Microsoft saw these standards as a threat and did not want the web to be interoperable (i.e. An equally incredible percentage still think Norton or McAfee is the best/most trustworthy antivirus, and that Cnet Download.com is where you go for good free programs, and that not opening an

  • IE9 doesn't.
  • During this time, Firefox took hold, innovating with features you modern browser users can't imagine living without like tabbed browsing and built-in spell check, not to mention better security.
  • In terms of the substance of what's wrong with IE, I honestly don't know what to say that doesn't reiterate points in the article.
  • After I spent about 8 hours trying to regain control of the OS...I started to see this resilient virus that I couldn't seem to get rid of, named "Astromenda".
  • Reply 5th October 2011 Post #2 LuaChobo boy i sure do love it when my title doesnt fit December 2009 8,468 Posts I'm using IE right now.
  • Organisations like Mozilla and Opera strived to comply with these.
  • It took another 2.5 years for Microsoft to finally release Internet Explorer 8, which greatly improved CSS support for web developers, and added new features like Private browsing, tab isolation to
  • There is no portable version of Internet Explorer.
  • During the early days of web development, IE had its own unique ideas about what CSS and JavaScript should do, and it made it very painful to develop something that would
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There is no such confusion with Chrome and Firefox. 12. A Brief History on Internet Explorer HateInternet Explorer wasn't always the leper we think of it as today. Don't care what version. What Is Wrong With Internet Explorer 11 Boy, things have really changed since Bill Gates gave up the reins of Microsoft!

November 12, 2014 Robin Hahn Did the same exercise as you did twice on a friend's laptop

Newer versions are also limited to newer versions of Windows. Chrome however, can be updated with bug fixes and new releases while logged on as a restricted Windows user. There are even rumors that Microsoft might finally release a better user interface for IE in Windows 10. I belong to the land that got computers a decade later than most of the world.

I don't do much UI now, or responsive business logic in the front end, so i can't really comment for the situation these days. Does Anyone Still Use Internet Explorer So whenever you designed a website, it looked fine in chrome/Firefox/Safai, but broke in Inernet Explorer. Up Next List How to Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer 7 Up Next Article How to Organize Your Internet Explorer Favorites More From Us Article Important downloads for the Microsoft You won't be able to vote or comment. 110111112AnsweredWhy is Internet Explorer so bad exactly? (self.NoStupidQuestions)submitted 1 year ago by Jackson_with_a_XI know IE is an awfully slow browser, but why is it compared to the

Why Not To Use Internet Explorer

IE drives up the price of every web project, since it is almost guaranteed to throw curveballs that the client must pay to have fixed. Microsoft-Specific Features The whole problem with Microsoft’s innovation is that much of it was done in ways that didn’t follow the web standards—this wasn’t as big of a problem when Internet What Is Wrong With Internet Explorer Today Microsoft integrated IE deeply into Windows and used anti competitive behaviour to wipe out competitors. Does Anyone Use Internet Explorer Anymore Both browsers wanted dominance over the web and this led to both developing non-standard features that would only work in their browser (The and tags being famous examples) In

So yes. Don't give us all these versions. If Internet Explorer starts acting funny, you've got a hassle ahead, potentially a big one. By this point, most geeks had already moved on to Firefox, and then some of us to Google Chrome. Why You Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer

Anyone running a 64 bit version of Windows 7 may have to deal with the confusion over 32 and 64 bit versions of Internet Explorer. IE9 does have a "compatibility mode" for fixing problems, but it didn't fix one of the issues I had, so I was forced to go back to using Firefox for those An equally incredible percentage still think Norton or McAfee is the best/most trustworthy antivirus, and that Cnet Download.com is where you go for good free programs, and that not opening an Reply 5th October 2011 Post #5 Suzune March 2010 560 Posts I prefer Firefox(Aurora & Nightly included) or Chrome(ium) to IE due to the larger library of add-ons and they just

MANY people still use/love/trust AOL email. Why Is Internet Explorer Slow Chrome, Firefox and others are all guilty of this in some ways but for the most part they're great. This subreddit is for asking for objective explanations.

Still, until microsoft kills old IE versions (such as IE8 and 9), there will be hatred.

It's gotten a lot better in recent years, so much of the deep hatred today stems from bitter memories. Netscape is gone. The newest versions of IE, 11 I think, are very similar to Chrome and Firefox and offer the same functionality/is practically the same. Reasons To Use Internet Explorer The page itself might be legit but the ads on it might not due to the server owner having used 3rd party advertisements for their site.

Perhaps instead of hating on IE for forcing you to be up to date and secure in your coding, You need to be up to date and secure in your coding!!! Admittedly, the latests versions (10, 11) of IE do a lot better job on most of these points: IE is no longer the least secure browser, dev tools has somewhat improved Share your (non-trollish) thoughts with us in the comments.Gear from Kinja DealsBestsellers: Philips 60W Equivalent A19 LED Light BulbClean Your Tongue, Not Just Your TeethSave $4 on Epic Meat Bars: Meat In Nor do they have any real insight into what developers and designers actually want in a browser and its dev tools beyond basic standards compliance.

After I spent about 8 hours trying to regain control of the OS...I started to see this resilient virus that I couldn't seem to get rid of, named "Astromenda". I'm talking things like: Advertisement Sponsored Syncing your bookmarks, passwords, preferences, and other data to other computersBeing able to pin tabs to the side of your tab barKeyword search engines (perfect I used IE as my main browser for an entire week to see whether the historical IE hate still held water, and here's what I found. Reply 5th October 2011 Post #11 Verky April 2011 153 Posts IE is Good and Bad at the same time.

permalinkembedsaveparentgive goldload more comments(9 replies)load more comments(2 replies)[–]carpespasm 53 points54 points55 points 2 years ago*(14 children)Others have gone in depth, but here's the TL:DR reasons: 1 - Microsoft earlier-on used IE as a Andy Gwilliam, failed polymathUpdated 243w agoProbably these days it is a case of everyone associating them with having a really bad browser (IE6) for such a long time rather than their Reply 5th October 2011 Post #38 devcon Gold Member July 2007 630 Posts There's nothing distinctly bad about it, but it doesn't have anything going on for it either. The Internet is a series of tubes...

Posted in Online Business Advice. Your California privacy rights. This is a discussion about if IE is really that bad, his point was on platform support which other explorers have put effort into making it for other platforms, in turn permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]Nerlian 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago(0 children)The worst part of internet explorer are its users that refuse to move onto the new versions, usually this is old people or technophobes,

To put it in context: web developers used to complain about Netscape the same way they complain about IE6 now. You disabled "InPrivate Browsing". Perform a keyword search, you may find good explanations in past threads. Why not take a minute and download Chrome or Firefox, and set it as your default browser?

Some programs that depend on Internet Explorer might not function properly. It wasn't quite as fast as them at its best, but it was certainly better than them at their worst. So, yes, being forced to use IE, even though some institutes use Linux exclusively.

November 12, 2014 Richard Gordon I didn't realize that Microsoft had ended support for Vista until a But it's true that Internet Explorer was ahead of the curve for a few years.

Rules All direct answers to a post must make a genuine attempt to answer the question. Then Microsoft didn't update their browser (IE6) for ten years. When he was asked why Microsoft never seems to fix issues that have been problems for years and years, he responded with something like "bug fixes don't sell products, features do". Is it even possible in theory?105 · 13 comments Someone explain popcorn to me?