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Blue Ray Playing In PowerDVD Causes Crashing


This may be what is stopping all my Blu-ray programs from working (AsusDVD and Nero). kidding, amused, unsure, silly indifferent, undecided, unconcerned sad, anxious, confused, frustrated happy, confident, thankful, excited Cancel 0 Edit Delete Remove Official Fork Wither 1 September 17, 2015 01:35 Someone else was The optical drive in your computer must be compatible with the Blu-ray disc format, also known as BD format. I can't believe I missed that.. have a peek here

The DVD is of lower resolution so the grain is less visible. Links CAF to MP3 Keepvid for Mac © 2016 TechiSky. Although it works if I open PowerDVD manually, but even then, on occasion, I ended up with a crash near the end of the movie. Choose... http://www.cyberlink.com/support/product-faq-content.do?id=14027&prodId=1

Why Is My Cyberlink Power Dvd Not Working

It is strongly suggested that you frequently save all your projects, files and photos first to prevent any data from going missing. Problem solved. It didn’t answer my question. Driver Date: 03/08/2015.

Just a friendly tip...i'ts not "blu-ray dvd" or "blue-ray." It's just Blu-ray, or BD. This answered my question Reply Solution Chosen by xmax Wildcopper Newbie Private Message Joined: Apr 13, 2011 12:33 Messages: 11 Offline Oct 31, 2012 06:48 I had that problem (under Windows This answered my question Reply Solution Chosen by xmax Carlos Newbie Private Message Joined: Apr 30, 2011 18:02 Messages: 1 Offline May 22, 2011 23:56 I have the same problem but Powerdvd 10 Won't Play Dvd i'm not fully familiar with powerDVD8, but try looking for video/resolution, hardware acceleration, or something along those lines.

happy, confident, thankful, excited kidding, amused, unsure, silly sad, anxious, confused, frustrated indifferent, undecided, unconcerned Cancel 0 Edit Delete Remove Official Fork Lorena Cristina Monroy September 18, 2015 04:32 Windows 10 good solution!(undo) Cancel Edit Your Reply (some HTML allowed) What's the status of this problem? Insert a disc into the disc drive - a DVD or Blu-ray movie or data disc. http://forum.cyberlink.com/forum/posts/list/12860.page You can also start a discussion on the CyberLink forum or contact CyberLink Customer Support.

How does this make you feel? Powerdvd 12 Not Working On Windows 8 Create a new topic About this Problem 25 Replies 0 Promoted Responses 10 People Participating Products & Services Adding... Wipe from the center of the disc to the outer edge. Choose...

Cyberlink Power Media Player 12 Keeps Crashing

After all this crap I discovered that it uninstalled the entire suite of programs so I'll have to reinstall all the other cyberlink products separately (hope it doesn't wreck the blu-ray I installed in on my PC. Why Is My Cyberlink Power Dvd Not Working Avoid exposing the discs to direct sunlight. Powerdvd 12 Update I noticed, the volume does not work i PowerDVD as my sound card is not supported by them which is another reason why I am looking for an alternative to PowerDVD.

But if you still have trouble after October 15th I'd be glad to help you... On the Playback tab again ensure that Digital Output Device (SPDIF) is selected and then click Set default button. This was then subsequently upgraded to ver 10. This action refreshes the screen, transfers the display from the notebook to the external display, and the audio should now come from the HDTV sound system. Power Dvd Not Working Windows 10

You can play the Blu-ray content in MediaHome by navigating down to the STREAM folder and opening the appropriate 0000?.m2ts file. If the tray ejects or a message appears asking to insert a disc, the drive is not recognizing the disc. A "DVD decoder not found" error occurs when the decoder is not installed or not properly registered with Windows. Step 1: Free download Blu Ray Player for Windows 8.

I would like to find a solution so that their money grabbing scheme can be thwarted. Power Dvd Not Working Windows 8 Press Windows Key + P to toggle to HDMI only. John, if you could post the steps to fix the problem, that would be great!

Figure : Blu-ray disc drive with dual laser lenses Use a 3D Vision-ready PC display, such as a monitor or HDTV, with a High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) compliant input.

Click the DVD Region tab, select a geographic area and then click OK to make the change. Check whether the installed drive has enough space on it. That was it, I wound Windows back to 8.1 and used a systems image to restore my PC to 5th August 2015. Powerdvd 12 Windows 10 The drive's firmware may need to be updated if the movie is using a disc format the drive does not currently recognize.

Or blu.... Sometimes in the previews, sometimes in the feature. Please ensure you close all other applications while installing CyberLink PowerDVD. I've tinkered with many various settings as suggested above (e.g.

For example, if you use NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, the software, glasses, and graphics adapter all must conform to this technology. Add Image I'm e.g. Does Perian support AC3 on Mountain Lion 10.8? Use compatible DVD or Blu-ray movies for the region where you are located or replace the drive with one from the same region where the movies are sold.

The processor in your computer must be fast enough to support Blu-ray 3D. Register now Forget your password? So much room, so quiet... Thanks in advance.

America United States Canada Latinoamérica Europe United Kingdom Deutschland España Schweiz France Italia Suisse Rest of Europe Asia 日本 台灣 香港 中国 대한민국 Rest of Asia Oceania Australia New Zealand Rest If this does not help, go to the next step. If cleaning and repairing the disc does not work and all discs play erratically, continue to the next step.