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It is usually best to turn AGC off or reduce the RF gain control to minimize AGC action. Controls familiar to users of program WSJT appear on Tab 1, providing six fields for message entry. http://www.cfos.de/en/cfosspeed/whats-new.txt Press releases About cFos Software Sitemap Follow cFos on Twitter Europe: [English] [Deutsch] [Русский] [България] [Nederlands] [Ελληνικά] [Français] [Српски] [Беларуская] [Italiano] [Magyar] [Português] [Türkçe] [Polski] [Česky] [Castellano] [Română] [Slovenščina] [Svenska] Ubuntu's new "Unity" desktop puts the menu for the currently active window at the top of the primary display screen. http://mozrc.com/start-menu/start-menu-anomaly.php

Within each interval the waveform is a constant-amplitude sinusoid at one of 65 pre-defined frequencies. WSJT-X Version 1.6 offers five protocols or “modes”: JT4, JT9, JT65 WSPR, and Echo. Use the receiver gain controls and/or the computer's audio mixer controls to set the background noise level (scale at lower left of main window) to around 30 dB when no signals Moreover, anyone else using this option will hear both of you without the need for manual frequency changes. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/361446-start-menu-atu-changes-mouseover.html

Select Rig to use the radio's Split mode, or Fake It to have WSJT-X adjust the VFO frequency as needed, when T/R switching occurs. Modulation is 4-tone frequency-shift keying at 11025 / 2520 = 4.375 baud. PTT Method: select VOX, CAT, DTR, or RTS as the desired method for T/R switching.

Most of the items are self-explanatory; a few additional details are provided below. Decode Menu 10.7.6. The following are valid messages containing Type 2 compound callsigns: CQ W4/G0XYZ FM07 QRZ K1ABC/VE6 DO33 DE W4/G0XYZ FM18 DE W4/G0XYZ -22 DE W4/G0XYZ R-22 DE W4/G0XYZ RRR DE W4/G0XYZ 73 I am running WSJT-X under Ubuntu 14.04.

Among those that do are the IC-735, IC-756 Pro II, IC-910-H, FT-847, TS-2000 (with Rev 9 firmware upgrade), Flex 1500 and 5000, HPSDR, Anan-10, Anan-100, and KX3. The basic aim is to compress the most common messages used for minimally valid QSOs into a minimum fixed number of bits. Spinner controls at top right of the Astronomical Data window let you set a working frequency above the nominal band edge. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ff0e62d5-8e93-4216-90e9-e15c632fd833/texts-on-desktop-and-start-menu-disappear?forum=WinPreview2014Setup This action produces the following results: Callsign and locator of a station calling CQ are copied to the DX Call and DX Grid entry fields.

Cumulative is the average spectrum since the start of the present UTC minute. If CAT control is active the radio's dial frequency will be set accordingly; if not, you must tune the radio manually. The WSPR protocol was designed for probing potential propagation paths using low-power transmissions. During a transmission the actual message being sent always appears in the first box of the status bar (bottom left of the main screen). 10.6.

  1. Values around midscale are usually about right, depending on the input signal level, the chosen palette, and your own preferences.
  2. On-Screen Controls 10.1.
  3. The Band Activity window contains all decodes (you might need to scroll back in the window to see some of them).
  4. If your main interests are WSPR of VHF+, you may then proceed to Sections 7 and 8. 6.1.
  5. Note that two different types of Doppler control are provided.
  6. EME-motivated features including JT4 (submodes A-G), Echo mode, and automatic Doppler tracking.
  7. The first three are designed for making reliable QSOs under extreme weak-signal conditions.

Force Control Lines: A few station setups require the CAT serial port’s RTS and/or DTR control lines to be forced high or low. https://support.atu.edu/link/portal/16084/16101/Article/422/Remote-VPN-Tutorial-for-Windows Disconnect your VPN connection now either by opening the VPN window and clicking the "Disconnect" button or by right-clicking on the System Tray icon and choosing "Disconnect". By holding down the Ctrl key when double-clicking on a decoded line you can cause both Tx and Rx frequencies to be moved. The next release will offer several "fast modes" intended for meteor and ionospheric scatter, including a new FEC-enhanced mode called JTMSK.

If the band is already in the table, you can edit the offset by double clicking on the offset field itself. news The first method below is the quickest; the second method is provided as an alternate. Serial Port Parameters: Set values for Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, and Handshake method. You can then proceed to the installation phase.

Take note also of the following: Double-click on KVASD-Installer to insert the KVASD decoder into WSJT-X. Follow Get a free cFosSpeed and cFos Personal Net license! Please remember that it is not necessary to install this on your work computer unless that computer is a laptop that you take off-campus and usually need to access files remotely have a peek at these guys Select an active WSPR frequency (for example, 10.1387 MHz).

Select None if you do not want WSJT-X to change the radio's Mode setting. A single compound callsign involving one item from this list can be used in place of the standard third word of a message (normally a locator, signal report, RRR, or 73). Once the page is loaded, log on using your OneTech username and password.

If this choice is enabled, select Rear/Data or Front/Mic.

A signal at the frequency specified by the green marker is given decoding priority, and its message is displayed also in the Rx Frequency window. Help Menu Keyboard Shortcuts (F3) Special Mouse Commands (F5) 11. Signal reports are specified as signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) in dB, using a standard reference noise bandwidth of 2500 Hz. Then I move down to the last app, and up again.

If you are already transmitting, the Tx message is changed immediately. The file contains information usable by another program for automatic tracking of the Sun or Moon, as well as calculated Doppler shift for the specified EME path. If you will be transmitting as well as receiving, select a suitable value for Tx Pct (average percentage of 2-minute sequences devoted to transmitting) and activate the Enable Tx button. check my blog A detailed description of the protocol and its implementation in program WSJT was published in QEX for September-October, 2005.

The information is made available in near real time on a world map, and also as statistical summaries of various kinds. Resources and tools, such as Remote Desktop, are valuable assets that many of the staff and faculty use on a daily basis to help administrate and educate from their home or Bandwidth and Frequency Setting If your transceiver offers more than one bandwidth setting in USB mode, you should normally choose the widest one possible, up to about 5 kHz. Check the box labeled Doppler tracking to ensure that the right-hand portion of the window is visible.

If you are using CAT control, toggling Monitor OFF relinquishes control of the rig; if Monitor returns to last used frequency is selected on the Settings | General tab, toggling Monitor Leave this field blank to access the default instance of your control program, running on the same computer. These files can be imported directly into other programs, for example spreadsheets and popular logging programs. WSPR (pronounced “whisper”) stands for Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.

Each symbol carries one information bit (the most significant bit) and ony synchronizing bit (the least signicifant bit).