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Resource Monitor - Sporadic after Updates

FF or Windows Bug?

BSODs - Please help!

Xonar will not work in new build

OMG! Microsoft created a secret Boot-Camp-Like thing!

My first time using Windows

Audio drivers problem

Windows update keeps Downloading Windows 10 and not updating

BSOD while normal use. Event Log 41

Laptop wont load past windows page

Windows Keeps Crashing

Grumble with Windows Update

Need windows 7 drivers for this spec

StandaloneStack 2 with network folders problem

how to create 77 login image like.

Using Win7 upgrade over again for laptop

BSOD after computer freezing once or twice after startup.

Clean install every year or two?

Open With Problem Popup When Startup.

Default Account selected at Logon screen- Change?

Windows 7 shutdown randomly and no error or bsod.

800F081F Error Windows update installer x64

windows 7 freezes while setting idle - one BSoD

Windows Explorer - Column Layout Problem

Weird look of windows

Startup Hang

after critical update

minimize /maximize / visual effects

Driver trouble

Can't access XP Documents

Is there a way to download and extract Windows Update drivers?

Network not working

Sound isn't working on fresh install of Win 7-several error messages

Windows Update Menu doesn't display correctly

i think the monitor is causing trouble

Some icons disappear and are replaced by generic ones

1.Recurring Blue Screens. 2. System hangs alot while browsing

Start Bar Search Inclusions

All network conections fail to connect

Windows Mail 64bit not working (0x8007000E or no icons)

BSOD after PC Upgrade

Is this drivers problem?

Something missing from Windows 7?

Flicker screen even after disable ATI Drivers

Advice please on best way to install updates for Windows 7

New PC never asked to be activated and what version?

How do I remove the Windows 10 Update from Windows Update PERMENATLY

System Protection is turning itself on and settings are changing

Intermittent Freezing/Crashing - only 1 BSOD

Optimize this folder for.

Horrible sound with latest Realtek driver

portcls BSOD with three audio programs open

strange problem with mouse and windows help center

Cannot right-click files in Libraries

Can't boot to OS Win 7

Random BSOD Crash

Wireless adapter turns off each reboot?

Upgrade Vs Full version

Any way of speeding up a pc with reasonable specs?

If an upgrade installation failed.

Playback devices show a speaker

Getting very paranoid - is Windows updating my sounds?

Best Option settings for updates

New Windows

BSOD while using uTorrent (?)

Event Error 41

Using SandiDisk Clip+ for installing windows. Possible?

Explorer crashes when notification area pop up should happen

Change the name of a device in device manager

Problems Installing Windows

Lost Settings After Moving the ntuser.dat File To The New User Folder

In need of suggestions for bluetooth drivers

Random Freeze - might be Integrated Graphics related?

PC Freezing/ Driver error

Volume spiking up randomly

Windows Update messed up my computer?

Unusual language problems after installing windows 7

Windows not focusing on program windows properly.

HD 4650 not detected after Windows reinstall

BSOD a lot of diferent errors

Annoying Driver Issue

Reboot time excessive

High Audio Latency (Pops/Cracks/Stutters)

Standard Games like Solitaire do not open anymore

Number of installs win 7 retail version

PC locks up when typing in the Run window

windows 7 wont start after installing some apps



Random temporary freezing

Revisiting 'Doing clean install.' with a return of old problem

BSOD error 0x00000109

Clean install Win7 on external drive on different machine?

Frequent System Freezing followed by Crash (No BSOD)

Memory shows half the value installed

Will drivers work in Windows 8?

Making the 'edit' option on batch files open in notepad++

Random BSODs - Done lots of troubleshooting

I have problem with taskbar plese help me!

Adding "SendTo" items to the explorer toolbar

While working on a fix for GWX.My puter is now Wingdingy

Recent BSOD crashes

Boot issue with the update

Windows does not boot

Windows 7 Random Freezes Requiring Hard Reboot (no minidump files)

BSOD ntfs.sys error

Am I able to go back to the factory image?

What is latest released windows update?

Evaluation Copy watermark on windows 7 desktop

After OS reinstall my Applications won't start

BSOD whilst playing games and waking from sleep

Why is Rebuild Search Index ridiculously slow?

Need help with updates and now white pages as icons that do not work

Activation Key: Upgrading Only?

BSODs on start up and freezes in Windows

Windows 7 wants to set up again?

Win 7 - Top 1" of full screen window becomes white/click-through

explorer crashing after update

My screen stays dark after closing and opening lid of computer. Help?

wifi completly gone

BSOD randomly when using laptop. Usually after 5-10 mins.

Random BSOD. Screen stuck for a while before it comes out

my screensaver won't display on the right monitor

Keyboard driver disappeared after latest updates

Bluescreen (BSOD) errors after installing pc game

Audio Popping Issues on Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

problem with nvidia graphic card drivers

can my laptop run windows 7 (i need compatible drivers)

Computer freezes and bsod's happening randomly.

Reset homegroup

Crashes in stand-by mode

Windows Update Crashed all Drivers ?!

Switch User screen after Screensaver/standby wakeup

BSOD ntoskrnl.exe+87f7e

Can't set admistrator password for the first time or rename folders.

Can't copy files to shared Homegroup Start Menu

Win 7 Upgrade today

screen goes blank (black) after inactivity

BSOD while using Torrents

Random Crash Bsod

Homegroup Prob!

BSOD - Kernel-Power failuere? Related to LSI_SAS2?

Issue with homegroup

Windows updates every shutdown

system freezing and BSOD


Right click menu turned to old style

My monitors seem to be detected in incorrect order!?!?

Speaker Setup - Stereo only

All applications are disabled but my system is still freezing/hanging

Taskbar notification customization doesn't stick

Screen Saver and Sleep Mode not Working?

app that does same as the stock windows tray icons?

Cannot find default music folder icon

How to show icons on desktop

Windows can't find any connections

High latency issue onboard Realtek adapter

webcam and other device problems. please Help!

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Install Problems.

Making Bluetooth Connect to my Computer with a shortcut

Windows crashed. Now can't boot

install an upgrade on a seperate hard drive

SSD Woes with msahci

Win7 updates then youtube/netflix stopped playing now program issues

HDA X-Plosion 7.1 no sound

Upgrade 7000 -> 7057: Setup keeps rebooting

Problem with taskbar

Last week ( August) Windows updates

Can't Open Any MS Office 2010 pgms since downloading latest MS Update

Uxstyle stopped running after last Windows Update?

Updates won't install automatically

taskbar huge!

Downgrading 10 identical laptops win 8 pro-->win 7 pro

CI.dll page_fault_in_nonpaged_area BSOD - Happens when I run a game

BSOD after waking up from slepp and when torrenting

Prep for Win10 - backing up C-Drive Data (app data

Severe mouse movement problem! :(

Can I set explorer columns for data directory within music library

Taskbar icons invisible

No option to set up wifi

blocky display

Speakers disabled when I plugged in and out the headsets

Ghost Homegroup

Windows 7 Home 64 and HT eClaro 7.1 Live audio latency. I give up!


Can You Disable Win Update For Non-MS Drivers?

Interesting (weird) system clock issue

activation issue after reinstalling windows.

Object Dock Icons

Has a Dodgy CD Messed up my PC?

Windows freezes at login

Driver issue ?

File saving problem with new Windows 7 installation

Problem viewing custom icons in win explorer

Why was my PC running when I woke up?

Random BSOD always seems to be when afk

Using Family Upgrade pack on different computers.

Product activation question in windows install

Windows Backup & Restore to DVD - how to set burn speed?

bbLean - shell replacement for windows.

System Freezing

Windows goes coma on me

Wireless adapter failure to detect networks.


Windows 7 Activation Code Blocked

Network card driver problem?

New Build and got a BSOD after doing windows update

Realtek drivers no sound present

How to Pin Network Icon to Quick Launch toolbar

Window settings never stay where i set them

Random BSODs - ntkrnlmp.exe & recent error 0x0000001E

Hard drive errors holding up Windows install - How do I fix them?

multiple random BSOD's ERRORs 0x0000001e and 0X0000003b

No audio

Backup failes with error 0x80070570

make recovery

USB Pen Drives and iPad CHARGING BUT NOT Been Detected.

Sound blaster drivers after restart

Taskbar highlight off

Monitor will not sleep while computer is locked

activation after hardware change

Monitor goes black when attempting to switch user

BSOD Whilst Downloading Torrent

Problems with printers on a home network

Combo fix results- what to do next

EasyBCD: How to create absolute paths

Desktop Background and mouse scrolldown doesn't work

Auto hidden taskbar doesn't always show.

Numerous random (originally) BSOD's starting on 9/2/12

What log file to look for when PC froze

Installation problems - admin account.

Windows Update keeps changing default settings.

Windows deselected for no reason

Random Reboots (In Windows

mistake in msconfig/startup

Unresponsive Icons

Using Upgrade Media and OEM Key

A "unique" (?) problem with non-functioning right-click

Ultramon replacement

Random reboots with no BSOD and some few with BSOD

Simple File Sharing. No Go. Need Help.

BSOD + freeze + appcrash

Corrupt ci.dll rootkit virus help

Generic Bluetooth Headphones if NO adequate drivers solution

How can I fix Indexing freeze and make Indexing run faster.

Strange events - failed update and installation of several updates.

Corrupt windows files after Factory reset and window update won't work

Homegroups between VMWare and laptop

Automatic update turned off but still windows updates.

BSOD 5-10 min after logging into windows (with info)

Malfunctioning Windows Update and Related Error Codes

Windows Calendar Import: source of WinCal64

BSOD - nwifi.sys IRQL-less etc. HELP!

Computer will not shut down after being woken up from sleep mode

Driver Problem Help !

Lots of problems after windows update/using verifier

permenant loading ring next to mouse cursor

Not shutting down properly.

repairing registry and imaging vs recovery partition

Random different BSODs

Update issues too!

unable to see folders in system32

USBPORT.SYS causing high latency

BSOD at random times error 0x0000001e

frequent bsod crushes on freshly installed PC

ci.dll won't let me boot

BSODs at random moments with multiple error codes

Please help with random BSODs

Error accessing NAS shares

Taskbar issue after upgrade - missing buttons

Best SSD Tips

Recovery Drive in Disk Fragmenter Fragmented?

downgrading from windows 7?

How to connect to homegroup

Help with Boot data installation freezing

BSOD every time I turn on my comp after about 5 minutes

BSOD Randomly Plus freezing and red pixels in left corner also?

Laptop Constantly Freezes Every 2-10 Minutes Since Purchase

Toshiba laptop freezing when in idle and often get the BSOD

Windows 7 constantly freezing / kernal power error 41

Random BSOD - ntoskrnl.exe to blame?

Make start menu search display everything

BSOD randomly but always overnight or when computer is not being used

problem with taskbar and start menu properties

Ethernet Problems

Upgrade from Home to Pro

Which Windows 7 updates by name/number are adding Windows 10?

random BSOD's

Realtek program missing after fresh install *Big problem*

Strange error with Buffalo USB Adapter

Installed Windows 8 not happy

taskbar preview for only Microsoft software

fresh install

Rationale Behind Leaving Windows Mail In Program Files?

How to expand folders tree on left side of Explorer

Is there a way to force Windows 7 to reject certain hardware?

Question about windows 7 keys

Homegroup Problem IPv6

UAC not notifying but on

Hang/crash during logon

Installed in UEFI - now a new problem

Bluetooth Dongle not visible anywhere

log in screen is gone

Windows Updates Keep Failing

Indexer went nuts

Wireless Connection can't reconnect after Hibernate state.

System freeze then BSOD - No errors reported

Both of my drives showing as system drives

Repair Installation & Product Key Issues

Won't Boot after Windows Update

64 bit Install Issue

Problems using the default Windows bluetooth manager

CHKDSK Occuring in Win 7 boot for Dual Boot win7/win10 computer

Bios installed successfully at start up but system doesn't boot.

sleep/hibernate keep awakening

Missing/disabled user accounts after restart

Windows 10 update questions

Windows 7 x64 Services Script

Ctrl+Alt+Del Annoyance

the stuff that were saved after upgrading

Install to external usb3 SSD

Unwanted Win 10 upgrade appears in Windows Update

Do I do fresh install or upgrade?

/RebuildBCD - Total identified Windows installations: 0

task scheduler useless?

Is windows 7 firewall good enough

Slow after sleep mode

16GB RAM - Acronis still using a pagefile?!

Reformatting a Laptop With Win10

Annoying Default Bug

Windows Desktop search is not working anymore

Dual Booting Windows 10 and Windows 7 drivers question

Will not 100% power off after fresh install of Win 7 OS.

X-Fi Titanium HD looses sound.

Batch file cleans MS spyware/Win 10 updates (awaiting approval)

Upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10

Reset windows position

Moving User file to different hdd?

Crashes possibly bad memory? Win7Pro X64

No networking

Removing Aero Transparency Issue

Problem with sound device with audio input.

Cannot access NAS ?

Other language software problem

BSOD Computer keeps randomly crashing.

Control the order of start-up programs

Clean Install Windows Key ?

How can I create a back up disk of my BIOS in Windows 7

Sound is not in stereo

When I click on my Documents File

No BSOD - just a crash when playing Prince of Persia :(

windows 7 missing bar thing on the top of desktop

Turn off alphabetized folders

SSD - need help with optimizing

Directory access restriction at startup?

How to disable readyboot (not readyboost)

Problem with windows on desktop

Freezing at boot & BSOD/Crashing

taskbar won't pop up in some programs

Windows fails load windows

Cannot Get Installed Japanese Fonts to Show UP.

Search box will not find Windows native applications

Please Help! Windows Won't Install From USB But Works In VB!

Windows system file seems to have crashed

6gb (4gb usable)

Contents of window not visible when moving it

Problem on "Home Group" between notebook and desktop

Microsoft Auto update then a BSOD and can't recover

Internet Driver Problems

Total lockup/freezing issue on new build

Has anyone upgraded to Win 10 and downgraded to Win 7 and why?

Configuring what happens for "sleep"?

Windows not Asking for Password when Waking.

How do u remove clock and date from bottom right?

Windows update messed up my PC

Driver not responding Radeon HD 5770

Group By Folder view option greyed out

Random BSOD and freezes during use

Is there any way to remove the watermark on the login screen?

Safe Mode Annoyance

Mouse issue

Windows 7 Rolls Back to Vista During Upgrade. Blues!

Desktop Slideshow Theme stopped switching images

2 things happened after Windows update 2 on June 10th

Taskbar Icons. Last Viewed Window?

Wireless adapter needs resetting when I plug in a USB device

Is windows 7 tied to this computer?

Realtek Audio not working after windows update

How would Windows 7 run on this old rig

Speaker/sound card Configuration Issue

BSOD computer crashing randomly

Printer installation problems.

Can't Open Pictures and New User Accounts

3 random BSODs this month

Extemely long boot time - driver problem

Windows 10 app

Windows upgrade starter to premium current key not valid for upgrade

BSOD TCPIP.SYS error 0x1000007E

Output on both Analog & Digital at same time?

Are Windows Defender and Firewall good/sufficient?

Odd Windows Behavior After Hard Disk Diagnostic Test

Explorer "Group By" Text Change - Can I?

Option to choose audio device for specific program?

Need help with a audio driver! have no sound!

Bluetooth 4.0 driver installation problem

Homegroup permissions problem

Creating VHD in GPT disk

BS Error and restart loop Help ASAP Please

need 3rd party screen capture device

Win 7 confusion/ issues

Computers skip 2 hours ahead. All of them

Changing windows color with slideshow

8.1 Updates Before Win 10?

Recovery Discs Same as Clean Install ?

Seemingly random BSODs not resolved by reinstalling Windows

Annoying folders under my Personal Folder

explorer.exe stuck when IE8(32 bit) active

BSOD randomly. 0x19 (0x21

In Case You Need to Explain Why You Won't Be "Upgrading" to Win10.

Don't want to Upgrade

Unable to install Synaptics due to UAC

Window 10 upgrade now my computer freezes for 2-3seconds randomly

What are the most common repair install issues/errors

Win10 blocking security updates

computer taskbar blinking

Make Realistic Icons More Realistic?

BSOD while download Torrent using uTorrent

Owner of PC but no admin access Windows 7

ASUS and BSOD cant get fixed properly

Unable to repair all files with SCANNOW. Help repair corrupt files pls


renaming game controller

Changing system language

Win7 Home Password disaster

No battery meter showing with UPS installed

1.6ghz pentium4 720p movies

NTFS.SYS BSOD on fresh install

Windows 7 Won't Activate - Blocked Key

Windows Explorer Very Slow Randomly

Random BSOD - Windows Update Related - 10/May/2016

Getting low memory alerts on a new computer with 6GBs of RAM?

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