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Fuzzy System Tray Icons On 2560x1440 120 Dpi


Screens resolution : 1920 x 1080 Text scaling : 100% ClearType : Yes(registery value:2) OS : Windows 7/8.1 biggerfont.png 814 KB View Download Comment 114 Deleted Comment 115 by [email protected], Aug Partially. Right click the shortcut icon, and add the following to the Target field under the Shortcut tab: /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1 So it looks like: .../chrome.exe" /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1 Close out of Chrome and I tend to agree with your conclusion, that this new way is technically correct. Check This Out

Because every time I go look at the screen on my $1200 laptop, all I see is pixelated text, mis-sized icons, and my own tears reflected back at me. Desktop DPI is matched to screen density via DisplaySize configfile entry. When the user sets the OS scale, it is requesting bigger looking applications. i believe the regedit has about 5 places that needs changed. have a peek at these guys

Blurry Taskbar Icons Windows 10

In any case, the temporary solution provided for editing the commandline (once I actually found where exactly to edit the commandline on a pinned Windows 8.1 app!) didn't work. Sure, they may be a little blurry (they have been scaled 2x) but they are all 100% useable. Chrome.exe" -- %1 and change them to ...Chrome.exe" /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1 Comment 143 by [email protected], Aug 28 2014 Processing in either of the two issues above, kill all chrome processes and restart Chrome properties.JPG 54.9 KB View Download Comment 88 by Deleted [email protected], Aug 27 2014 Processing #58 Mine is also set to 2 (cleartype).

Also, disabling DirectWrite in chrome://flags did not work me (also after reboot). Retina Macbook Pros can scale to "Retina" mode (strictly 2x) or to "Scaled" mode which gives fractional scaling with no issue at all. It's not an easy problem to solve, at least not in the windows world. Rebuild Icon Cache Windows 10 Klick on Windows 7 Start button 2.

I currently have three different monitors on my MacBook Pro, each with different DPI (internal Retina, External 1080P, External 4K). System Tray Icons Blurry Windows 10 This is exactly why softwares auto-updates are terrible for users. Maybe the setups on your two computers had other differences than just the dpi setting. I've changed the default to 100% to illustrate the massive number of pixels here. 3200x1800 is SO high res, that when you're running it at Small Fonts, well, a picture is

This bug is TERRIBLE, everything looks blurry, menu and tab headers fonts jerky. If there is enough demand for the feature, there's no reason why they can't do the latter. 1477408370 0 | Reply hrlngrv Alpha Member #100 - 2 months ago In reply That's ugly, ugly, ugly. If the graphics doesn't look crappy, maybe it's a better option for now.Lucas ArrudaWednesday, 15 January 2014 13:13:20 UTCI think the hardest thing is working in VMs.

System Tray Icons Blurry Windows 10

Things look terrible, text is blurry, graphics (facebook nav bars, other images) are all blurry and hard to read. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/LivingAHighDPIDesktopLifestyleCanBePainful.aspx chrome.exe http://imgur.com/5hGPPrO chrome.exe /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1 http://imgur.com/wc6OwLK As you can see, with the switches off, the browser tabs and address bar and everything look too large (or rather, larger than before). Blurry Taskbar Icons Windows 10 These relate to the Vaio power management. Taskbar Icons Pixelated Windows 10 The system choose automatically a dpi higher than 100% and everyting looks blured.

When I start Internet Explorer, it does, indeed, show the web page at 125% scaling, but it ALSO shows that the scaling is 125% in the zoom setting in the lower his comment is here Found it; at least one place, at Raymond's blog again: In comments to a post a video help | post reply | read more System Tray Icons location: winsecrets.com - date: Everything bigger since I booted Chrome this morning. It worked. System Tray Icons Pixelated

Oh, and Macs have this same problem. So something is already wrong. I can live with icons on the desktop that I can pin to the taskbar if I could only figure out how to act video help | post reply | read this contact form I don't know of a system that allows concurrent different logical DPIs on different monitors.

For html it can be done via the global zoom function (as in view-zoom) - is it platform-specific too? I've long thought that Windows' inability to scale the desktop well has to be one of the important underlying reasons driving the push to the Windows 8 Metro environment - and You couldn't pick a simpler application.

DPI scaling issues especially on Windows 7 with 125% OS level zoom is causing big zooms and large fonts - whereas Directwrite issues are manifested via Blurred fonts on Windows 8.1

That would have solved everything.PRManWednesday, 15 January 2014 18:18:05 UTCSahil Malik: Macs use a scaled resolution approach which scales everything equally. Make sure there is a blank inbetween. Photoshop, Spotify, Chrome, Steam all just don't support DPI scaling at all.Plus a zoom feature for RDP would be nice.EzhikThursday, 16 January 2014 05:24:42 [email protected] re: "The Windows DPI scaling control This is a bad break for those effected, embarrassing google.

Also affects the websites themselves. Whats even funnier, you can't even report the bug, because the scaling is so messed up, you can't even see the "submit" button. This was an issue when I owned the original Surface Pro years ago, and I recall Paul complaining about this a long while back, but I'd assumed/hoped it would be fixed navigate here You just need to decide how you want to draw your browser.

Have I missed anything? Microsoft has abandoned not one but two desktop UI frameworks in .NET, both are not ideal with respect to scaling to high DPI. Comment 37 Karl Tomlinson (:karlt) 2015-01-22 16:14:11 PST (In reply to Martin Stránský from comment #36) > Karl, what about to use the xsettings here, to get the DPI? I like that setting, it's easy for my eyes on my 24 inch wide-screen.

It almost looks great, presumably because it's a WPF application and WPF is pretty good about DPI things. kbWednesday, 15 January 2014 12:33:24 UTCThe situation is even worse if you use any of the many programs that have fixed, tiny font sizes (I'm looking at you Ableton and ZBrush Comment 92 by [email protected], Aug 27 2014 Processing @58 / @86 The problem I think is not (too much) the "blurry", but ZOOMED. Notice how gigantic the tabs are in Windows.But it sure is Microsoft’s problem.

Adobe/Apple/Freetype/etc don't have this probelm because they properly align glyps to a 1/10 pixel or 1/256 pixel grid and antialias whatever that result is. I tried everything I've found on the internet as well, and updated my version 37.0.2062.102 m I may have to go back to IE (gag!) Comment 192 by [email protected], Aug 29 This is my experience. 1477499120 0 | Reply TEAMSWITCHER - 2 months ago I gave up on High DPI displays. For most users, that's called a big ugly bug.

So I have to bump the DPI scaling on the remote machine. Like we use years before ? I was fairly surprised at Adobe.