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This is one example, explained in this MSDN document: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb266512%28VS.85%29.aspx under section "DateTime properties in Windows 8". Windows 7 not only lacks many old time functions, which were disaled or modified, but it is also incredibly packed with absurd interdictions which cannot be switched off or which need I am amazed there are not people screaming in the media, on the web and on the streets about how terrible the win 7 search is. If I'm wrong that this will fail most times, please explain to me what I'm doing wrong myself since this test has failed many times in my hands. http://mozrc.com/windows-10/start-bar-search-inclusions.php

Ultimately, the Libraries search does not work but if I click directly on the drive (on the left side expanded folder view) FIRST, then start typing in the magic search box What I also want to see is a further response from the joke who wrote the original article that included the phrase 'Overall, the new search features in Windows 7 are hope that helps someone. Trying to contact Microsoft, or the manufacturer, or my friends! http://www.computerhope.com/issues/chfind.htm

Search For Files In Windows 10

I do not wish it to search within any files at all. Go ahead and open Windows Explorer by either clicking on the Windows Explorer icon (often located right next to the Start button on the task bar or if your keyboards has can be used in the place of any single character and the * can take the place of many characters.

WHen will they get some real people on their planning committees instead of total "nerds" with no life? For more tips, we have many more posts like this one in our Windows 10 help, tips, and tricks page. Either add the content: filter or change the folder options. How To Search For All Video Files On Windows 10 Anybody has a suggestion?

That means you can tell Windows 7 to index and return results from files and folder on network drives or external hard drives. How To Search In Windows 10 Without Cortana Federated search to index network drives 2. Press the Windows Key + C, and then select files below the option Everywhere to search the local hard drive for files both by their names and by the contents of https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17190/windows-10-search-for-anything up vote 6 down vote favorite 1 I picked up a virus a few hours ago, and have identified one of its files.

Why does MS want everyone to be dependent idiots? Search Windows 10 Shortcut Tweet Like Google+ Comments [196] Scoffer says: 7 years ago You're joking? When you find the file you want, click Open File Location to see that file in the folder that contains it. I agree with Enrico, when he begs MS to stop shooting itself in the foot.

How To Search In Windows 10 Without Cortana

Also you need to include System Files in search because I think AppData folder is outside indexed space and will not be searched otherwise. I think if they could make windows search better the need for my wishes would be less. Search For Files In Windows 10 Ok, I'm done with my rant now.. How To Search In Windows 7 Windows 7 search is amazing (as well as Vista's) and is the primary reason I left XP (not to mention it's nearly a decade old).

Overall I like W7; it's much better than Vista, which I had finally gotten used to after making the leap from XP - but Vista/W7 search is terrible. weblink NadNoselrub says: 6 years ago There seems to be a lot of confusion here. Can ships be tracked and chased through hyperspace? But at this point in time it isn't. How To Search In Windows 10 Start Menu

But the Windows 7 on my new computer does not allow ANY find at all, not the names or the inside of folders or documents. Win 7 is completely disorienting. Has it been working well for you? http://mozrc.com/windows-10/search-in-start-menu-broken.php It doesn't work for files on memory sticks or on a remote server.

Geri says: 6 years ago I like Windows 7 mostly, an improvement on vista and it runs faster on my machine. Where Is The Search Box In Windows 10 But this one is like playing mind games you never win. Search is still a tool that I and everyone uses and it saves a lot of time if search would be a bit smarter to find and show relevant search results.

To me, that's a broken and less than useless search function.

Below that, you will see a list of all the locations that have been included for indexing. the computers which need fixing are piling up by the day - time to get back to work! The Search Results in Indexed Locations window appears. Windows 10 Search File Contents I hate windows explorer.

back to xp sp3. The Windows 7 search is said to be faster. This is surely not user friendly and regular home users would have to break a leg to get going. his comment is here Was this page useful?

Then, on the File Types tab, there is a radial button at the bottom to index file contents as well. To do this click on Search in Menu, then Advanced Options and System Files ON In the result pane, you'll see MODIFICATION dates, some out of range you specified. I have been working on customer's computers for over 15 years now, extolling MS over Mac all the while - and now.. OK I may not be an expert, but I had no trouble before Vista.

You need to be in the folder where you want to conduct the search.  For example, to search the whole computer you go to the C: drive. Despite this Windows 7 still insists on indexing folders seemingly at random. It will return no results whatsoever. Click Search Within Public Folders.

The base download and install will give you the UNIX find command among other things. And it worked, as far as I remember, without fail. Correct? Ahem!

XP is better. Thanks. If you will look at the property of each file, you'll see creation date is in specified range. I'm also kinda bald so there is not way for me to even put out my hair… hehehehe.

text within a PDF or DOC file. I know, Microsoft, you need to sell software, but if something isn't broken, don't fix it. Filters inlude: Choose the folder you want to search. I'm trying to search by file type.

Obviously microsoft didn't test this bit of windows 7 before release. The redundancy alone is enough to drive one mad.. Zero sum covers Sort a string, sort of Have we ever seen Data make use of his "multiple techniques" before First Contact?