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Windows explorer and multiple other programs refreshing rapidly

Windows Explorer stopped working whenever trying to move a file

Windows explorer stoped working.

Windows Explorer APPCRASH!

Windows Explorer stops & restarts

Windows Explorer Lag & Crashes

PLEASE HELP! Window explorer crash in startup!

Windows Explorer continuously crashing and restarting

Crashing 7 Windows Explorer

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windows explorer on windows 7 shortcut problem

Win 7 most services including explorer.exe don't work

Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) is constantly crashing

Suddenly folders load very slowly (blank) green progress bar loads.

Search Index "Windows explorer has stopped working" error

Pin Folder to Explorer's "this" list

Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer) Causing problems

windows explorer has stopped - when i click control panel

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Change default windows explorer

Windows 7 "Explorer Crash" Error

Windows Explorer continually crashing and restarting

Windows Explorer Startpath

Windows Explorer Icon - need someone to check on pls

How to change default location when opening explore

Windows 7 64 bit Explorer.exe keeps crashing & restarting

Windows Explorer menus defaulting to the left instead of the right?

Explorer.exe freezes Windows 7

Win7 x64 persistent explorer.exe "crashes"

Windows Explorer has stopped working frequently

explorer.exe or desktop stops working .

Started getting Windows Explorer stopped working

Windows Explorer has stopped working :(

Windows explorer not responding

windows explorer crashed

Win. Exp. Validation Error (explorer.exe crashes)

Windows explorer can't remember the details view on ftp folders

High explorer.exe memory usage?

Windows Explorer Crashes sometimes but is getting more frequent.

Windows Explorer crashes

Windows Explorer Problem

receiving "windows explorer has stopped working"

Help. windws explorer keeps on crashing

Windows Explorer Browse button

Explorer.exe repeated crashes on Win7 64bit Home Premium

Explorer.exe stops responded

keep restarting windows explorer

No Name Change or File Move Before Refresh

Win7 32-bit Crashing Since Jan 2010

Windows Explorer

Navigation part of windows explorer not showing up in certain programs

Move up one folder level and open in a new window

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Windows Explorer Icon Spacing

Windows Explorer crashes on startup of Windows

Windows Explorer Loop

Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Explorer.exe The Oddest Issue Ever

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Cannot read or write to various Ext HDD's as Windows Explorer Crashes

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